I only use water based cosmetic face paints and glitters which are safe to use on the skin. Paint can be easily removed using soap and water. Occasionally some colours may leave a faint stain on the skin but this will fade fairly quickly.

As with any cosmetic, I cannot guarantee that no reaction will occur so if you are in any doubt about the sensitivity of your child's skin, please ask for a patch test prior to painting.  

I have £2 million public liability insurance and do my best to keep my working area free of possible hazards.

I work to a high standard of hygiene at all times, use a clean sponge for each face that I paint and change my brush water regularly.

I will not paint anyone who is suffering from any contagious skin condition, open cuts or sores or who appears visibly ill. If painting the face is not possible then something may be painted on the hand or arm instead.


Above all I want everyone I paint to have an enjoyable experience!